1. Simply contact us with our contact form, or call 866-323-2585
  2. We will call you to review your project.
  3. Your calls will be added to our schedule.
  4. Using our specialized, dedicated call-in number, you call in to record your outbound message anytime day or night.
  5. You provide us a list of numbers or, if needed, we will help you select a voter file.  We accept all major database files formats including Excel, .mdb, .csv.
  6. We accept payment through one of many methods.
  7. We will review your recorded message for clarity and volume.  We will then set up your message  for delivery.
  8. Your calls will be delivered using a dedicated system ensuring your voters hear your message.  It only takes a matter of minutes to reach thousands of voters with your message.  Messages are delivered live over the phone to voters who answer, or full messages are left on answering machines if they are not home.

3,500 voters, 35,000 voters, 3,500,000 voters... regardless of the number we can deliver your calls and, more importantly, your message to your voters.